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Annual Exams

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Annual Exams

Need a Provider you can trust for your annual health exam? Call (907) 455-4555  to speak with our medical providers at Alpine Medical Group.

It is easy to underestimate the positive effects of preventative care. However, annual exams help reassure you of your health and can catch potential issues before they become more serious. The exam also helps your medical team establish a care plan and check in on your physical and mental needs. 

Our team at Alpine Medical Group understands that health is more than just your body. Fairbanks, Alaska, residents rely on us to give them thorough, quality care. Contact us today at (907) 455-4555 to schedule your annual exam and maintain or improve your overall wellness. 

What Is an Annual Exam?

An annual exam is a medical update with your primary care provider to establish your current health circumstances. It helps renew your medical history and find potential health issues that may arise over time. The focus is not on solving any particular health issue but on discovering if one exists in the first place. 

These exams are comprehensive, paying close attention to what medical exams had previously established as your baseline and where you are now. We take many measurements, including blood pressure, weight, and oxygen levels. Health screenings also check for risk factors that could lead to diabetes, hypertension, colon cancer, and more. 

Annual exams also include physical exams, such as seeing how well you can move your body. If you cannot move as well as you could before, we begin looking for solutions or answers that benefit your overall health. We also check for physical aches and pains that may contribute to other health issues or could be a symptom of new ones. 

Annual Exams in Fairbanks, AK Alpine Medical Group Family Medicine Clinic Wellness Checks New Patients
Annual Physcial Exams in Fairbanks Alpine Medical Group Family Medicine Clinic Primary Care Fairbanks New Patients
  • Vitals

  • Body composition

  • Eyes, nose, ears, and throat exams

  • Lab requisition, including Urinalysis

  • Fecal occult blood testing (if over 45 years old)

Physical exams also include taking blood to measure your cholesterol, blood sugar, hormone levels, and other details. Some other components of a physical include:

What’s included in Physical Exams?

Why Should I Get an Annual Exam in Fairbanks, Alaska?

Your body changes over time, and it is a good idea to monitor and manage those changes to ensure they are positive. Annual exams help establish your baseline for the year. Then, if you receive other medical care in the year, your health care provider has an idea of what is normal for you. 

The health screenings allow us to identify any warning signs of a potentially detrimental health issue. Discovering a problem before it becomes more severe increases your chances of resolving or managing the condition. Then, we can improve your future health circumstances and work to prevent or handle comorbid (related) issues. 

It also helps us create a specific plan for your care necessities. For example, if you decide to lose weight, the annual exam helps you and our team understand your current body condition. We can then establish a plan of action to help you reach your health goals, such as diet and exercise changes. 

Annual exams make us aware of other health circumstances that could impede your progress. Moving forward with a plan takes more than simply establishing the steps toward improvement. We always prefer to make suggestions with your whole health in consideration. 

Annual medical exams and screenings Alpine Medical Group Family Medicine Clinic Primary Care Fairbanks New Patients
Annual screening and exams in Fairbanks, AK Alpine Medical Group Family Medicine Clinic Primary Care Fairbanks New Patients

We serve the citizens of Fairbanks, Alaska, with an intimate focus on the quality of care we provide.

Our team believes in growing a relationship with our patients and understanding what you need physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Alpine Medical Group establishes a whole-health approach with your care to help you experience full wellness. Our goal is for you to receive the best possible healthcare within our capabilities so you can live a more fulfilling life. 

Alpine Medical Group Cares For Your Entire Wellbeing

You can take control of your medical future and we'll help you make it happen.
Schedule Your Appointment In Fairbanks, Alaska

Get a head start on your health by calling Alpine Medical Group today. Our friendly representatives will provide transparent communication and take the time to answer all your questions. You can learn more about our services by exploring our website.
We dedicate ourselves to providing the highest level of care to our community. When you partner with our providers, you can expect professionalism during every interaction. Whether you need a checkup or a comprehensive recovery plan, we are here to help.

Contact Alpine Medical Group in Fairbanks, AK, by calling (907) 455-4555 to learn more about our annual exam services.

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